The Legend of the Ghost Light

It is said that if a theatre is ever left completely dark, a ghost will take up residence in the space.

To prevent this, a single lamp is left burning on center stage after the cast and crew depart. This lamp is known as the “ghost light.”

The Paramount Center for the Arts is a historic Art Deco theatre location right on the line of Bristol Tennessee and Virginia. They have been bringing the highest quality live entertainment to the region since the 1930s.

The Paramount darkened its stage on March 15 due to the CoronaVirus outbreak. Many shows have been postponed and some canceled. The Paramount Foundation is a non-profit organization and with a lack of income from shows, the future has seemed uncertain.

The (ghost)Light at the end of the Tunnel

Thanks to a supportive community, the show WILL go on and the theatre will never be completely dimmed.

Introducing the GhostLight Matching Funds Campaign.

This fundraising campaign will help combat the huge loss in revenue that the Paramount has suffered during COVID-19.

All donations up to $30,000 will be matched. So, that means if your give $10, the Paramount will actually receive $20! (20=40, 100=200, and so on)

I have been working on the visual identity for this campaign. 
I designed the logo and have also taken a lot of digital images for it. 
The overall theme of this is hope, perseverance, and community. 
The imagery of this campaign has dramatic lighting and high contrast. The main subject is the Ghost Light, but you can’t help but notice the emptiness of the space. It’s spooky. 
Because the images are so dynamic, I kept the logo clean and white. 
Though we may be apart, we can still unite in support of the causes that are important to us. 
Think about how you have spent your time during quarantine, whether its reading, movies, virtual concerts, binge-worthy Netflix shows, etc. Your entertainment is all thanks to ARTISTS. They have continued to enrich our lives when it seems they’ve been put on hold. 

Paramount Bristol serves as a stage for artists as well as for local arts and civic organizations. 

Think about contributing to this iconic landmark! With your support, The Paramount’s prompt return will help historic Downtown Bristol spring back to life! 

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