Importance of Logo Variations

Hey y’all.

So I’ve been working on a couple different projects lately: event posters, social media content, beverage labels, and logos.

When you think of logos you might think of very iconic ones like Nike, McDonald’s, or Apple.
(Some of my favorite famous logos are Coca-Cola, FedEx-the hidden arrow is the best, and Walt Disney Pictures-duh)

A logo is basically a visual representation of a brand. A logo is a symbol of identity.

How do you use your logo? The possibilities are endless.

With endless possibilities, you need VARIETY.

Let’s look at The Walt Disney Company. When I think of the Disney brand, I think Cinderella’s Castle on my TV screen as a kid with Tinker Bell flying over and doing the pixie dust thing: MOVIE IS ABOUT TO START.

You know.

But let’s look deeper.

We all know the castle logo. But a company as big as Disney needs options. So this picture shows variations of the iconic Walt Disney Logo.

Here is the thing: as your company grows, you will find more places to put your logo. Each of these places will have their own requirements for how they will accept your logo (like different dimensions and file sizes). When you have variations you have flexibility to fit into any space.

Here’s some of my work to further our convo:

On the left we have the horizontal logo. This logo is made to live inside a wide rectangle but doesn’t mean it needs to be a rectangle shape. A horizontal logo can be used on your website, corporate invoice and stationary or online and in print where the vertical logo doesn’t fit. 

In the middle we have the stacked or square logo. Like the horizontal logo, this does not have to be a square but rather fit inside a square. You can use this variation as your profile picture or avatar on social media and other places that the horizontal logo doesn’t work. 

On the right we have the icon/watermark. This is so important to have. The icon is an extension of your logo. You can still represent your brand without having to use the entire logo, because sometimes it’s just too big. These are great to slap on social media posts, stickers, polo shirts, etc. 

The last variation is the single-color logo. If your logo looks good in one color, you’ve got a good logo. Even if your logo has a lot of colors, it is a good idea to have a solid black and reversed-out white version. Sometimes you won’t have the option of going full-color. 

Think about all the places your logo could be if you had all these variations. If you’re missing any, let me know! Having options will give you flexibility! 

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