Dimensional Styles and Tips for Darker Hair

 Hey y’all. I have got some big news to share this week that I am SOOOO excited about. Before that, I’ve had this topic on my mind recently just because it seems to come up more often than not. 

You would think that the color of your hair wouldn’t determine your hairstyle…. and let me first say that it’s YOUR day, style your hair however YOU want! (it’ll be stunning no matter what!)….

However, I have had some brides that have had questions and concerns about darker hair and I want to address that today!

Styling Darker Hair

The first thing that I have noticed is that *sometimes* darker hair (brunette, black/brown, black, etc.) can not have as much dimensions in highlights and lowlights that blonde’s have. 

For example: a French braid that stands out on a blonde can sometimes disappear in those dark locks. 

These are similar styles from a wedding I did, both girls has color treated hair, both photos were taken in the same lighting and unedited. Both are beautiful! 

But this gives you a visual of what I am talking about. 

So now what? 

What can you do if you have darker hair to add more dimension?
– So if you already color your hair, you could always add some baby lights aka subtle highlights. These will add contrast to your color without being too much. 
– If you don’t want to color your hair (which is totally understandable) you can look for a style that has more detail to add dimension. 
This client below had gorgeous dark hair. We chose an updo and I added a lot of alternating twists to create texture and depth. Even in this unedited iPhone photo: her style has dimension and DETAIL.
– If you do all over color the above applies to you too! 

When should I color my hair?

Okay, this is a good question. And these following is just my opinion and observation: 
If you regularly color your hair, just keep on doing what you’re doing. If you go to a stylist you trust (shoutout to my stylist Alex Bear @hairbyalexmb), then talk to them about how soon you want to get your hair colored before your date. Also, just get their opinion!
If you do not regularly color your hair but you are considering adding some highlights or lowlights or whatever before your big day, start coloring it a couple months out. I say this just so you can live in it and make sure that it’s really what you want. Also, start subtle. You can always add more. 
This next part is from a recent experience with an all over color bride. I am not suggesting this, but rather just giving you an example:
This is a bride who colored her hair all over the week of her wedding. The color was absolutely stunning and I loved styling it. 
Her fresh color meant that her hair was smooth and shiny because that’s what color does! It smoothes out all those follicles.
Her hair did not have a lot of contrast as far as highlight and lowlights. The details in her updo were achieved through lots of twists and because of the texture of her hair. Light bounced off the smooth shiny twists to create contrast and depth. 
All hair colors and textures are BEAUTIFUL and I love working with all of them. Most importantly, choose a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable!

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