Q’s for your HMUA with Aesthetics by Hannah

Nearly one month down for 2021! 

Engagement season is in full swing. I have been staying very busy this month and I am SO thankful!

I really want to up my blog game this year. Which leads me to an exciting announcement:

Say hello to Hannah George: Professional Makeup Artist and owner of Aesthetics by Hannah! She has so kindly agreed to cowrite this month’s blog with me!

About Aesthetics By Hannah:

    “I have been doing makeup professionally for about seven years. 

I decided to turn this passion into a business when I recently left my full time job with MAC Cosmetics. I realized I couldn’t leave the makeup community behind. I’d been blessed to have had the opportunity to build a clientele through MAC, and it really helped open doors for my business. 

My clients are my inspiration! I love being there on the best, biggest, most exciting day of their lives. It fills me with an immense sense of purpose. 

I hope to expand my business and open my own studio. I’d eventually love to open a wedding coordination business where it would be a one stop shop to plan your dream wedding.”
Hannah’s Favorite Look:
Fluffy brows, fresh skin, big lashes, and a red lip. I like a statement look.
Must-Have Product:
MAC FIX+. It goes everywhere with me!
 7 Questions to ask your Hair & Makeup Artists (other than price)

It’s easy to just get caught up in costs when adding up all the services for your wedding day. However, when finding the best HMUA for you and your bridal look goals, think about digging deeper and asking more!

1)“How would you describe your style?” 
HC: I loved this one because it really shows that they have a vision and they are looking to communicate that.
HG: I also love this. I don’t get asked a lot, but I have more of a natural style and don’t tend to overdo it unless asked so I think that’s a great question.

2)“How do you manage your time with bigger groups” 
HC: I liked this one because it gave me a chance to talk about my attention to detail and my collaboration with the photographer and MUA. 
HG: I also really like to add—‘Do you coordinate well with photographer, hair stylist, etc. to meet timeline requirements?’
You definitely want to have vendors that work well with others and make an effort to coordinate with each other. This ensures the smoothest flow on your big day.

3)“Do you have a recommendation for my hairstyle or makeup look?” 
HC: It’s nice for me to get to see the dress and talk about what they’re drawn to. Sometimes my best work comes when I have freedom to do whatever. 
HG: THIS!! What do you recommend for my skin?
Getting a recommendation based on your skin and hair is such a great idea! 
Photo by Sam Bond Photography

4)“How should I prep my hair and skin for my wedding?” 
HC: I would say reduce the use of heat on your hair. Airdry instead of blow-dry, incorporate a thermal spray into your haircare routine. Wash your hair less if you can stand it. Those natural oils are so good for hair growth. Also talk to your regular hair stylist and ask their opinion.
HG: What kind of treatments do I need? Is microdermabrasion/dermaplaning really worth it. The answer—YES

5)“How much time do you need and when should each girl be in your chair?” 
HG: This is a BIG one. I need between 45 minutes to an hour and love to make a schedule so things can flow smoothly. HC: Yeah this is big. I need about 45 minutes for Bridesmaids and 1+ hour for the bride. I like to make a schedule too to ensure everyone gets equal attention!

6)”Do you have experience working with all ages and races?” 
HG: A lot of bridal parties are full of all different ages and colors of women and it helps to understand all skin tones, skin types, and how to do makeup on each. 
HC: I like this too! and it also can be applied to hair. Different ages and races come with different hair textures and sometimes styles.  

7)”What is your COVID-19 policy?”/ “Do you have a contract?”
HC: So, basically if you have to more your wedding date because of COVID, I will keep your deposit but it will be transferred to your new date! AND YES to the contract! I have heard horror stories of HMUA being no shows….. That is why I have a contract and a deposit. That way we are both committing to show up for your big day!
HG: Yes! My Covid policy states that I have to be informed if you’ve been diagnosed within 14 days and I remain the right to refuse service. 

Photo by Sam Bond Photography, MUA Aesthetics by Hannah,
Dress Blue Willow Bridal, Venue Cherokee Creek Farms
Hair by Haley Catherine Designs
I hope this has been helpful with your vendor search! Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions! Be informed!
Thank you SO MUCH Hannah for helping me with this blog! 
Go check out Aesthetics by Hannah on Instagram and Facebook!

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