Is it time to ReBrand?

I am trying to make blog writing a more important part of my business, so I am going to start putting them out more often! 

Light sage, cool cream, and rust

I recently decided to give my own brand a little facelift. After over a year on Instagram, I have really developed a more consistent look on my feed. With that, I felt that my original color pallet and instagram highlight covers no longer served my brand and represented me. So I created a new pallet. 

I haven\’t done a blog about branding/design in a hot minute so let me just jump in and ask…..

 Do you LOVE your branding?

No matter how long you have had you branding, ask yourself this again: are you in love with it?

If the answer to that question is NOT an immediate yes, then…..

Here are some signs that a rebrand might be in your future:

– You start comparing your brand to others
    Do you have brand envy? If you catch yourself surfing Instagram or Pinterest and wishing your branding looked more like your mood boards, then you should ask yourself if a rebrand might benefit you.

– Your branding doesn\’t serve you anymore

    You might not love your branding anymore simply because your style has changed. Your business is always changing and growing. What you liked a year or so ago, may not fit your needs anymore. Also, maybe your clientele has changed and you\’re trying to reach a new market. 

– You feel like something is missing

    In some of my recent experiences, my clients have come to me just needing more. They like their original branding but they need more logo variations, social media collateral (banners, highlight, covers, etc). Maybe they have lost contact with the original agency or individual that created their initial branding, and they have to start over.

– You don\’t feel legit

    Maybe you got like a $30 pre-made Etsy logo or made something from a Canva template when you first launched your biz. I get it! You probably just needed something fast and cheap. But that logo was more of a placeholder and now you have a clearer picture of what you envision and can invest in branding for the long term. You are ready to put some real personality into your brand. 


To be honest, maybe you just want to upgrade because you deserve it, you can afford it, and you want to treat yourself and your business. 
Investing in GOOD branding shouldn\’t be something that you dread…. it\’s exciting and the designer that you choose to work with should hype that excitement up even more! 
When you think of hiring a designer and rebranding I want you to remember this quote:

Your business is the BODY, your brand is the SOUL.

And sometimes your soul needs rejuvenation.

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