Vow’d Weddings: the search begins

Besides marrying the love of your life, I think one of the most exciting parts of a wedding for a bride is the DRESS. 

The dress of all dresses. The piece that orchestrates your entire wedding day look. We LOVE watching brides-to-be find their “one” on shows like “Say Yes to the Dress”. 

Yeah. It’s a big deal. 

I am no stranger to wedding dresses. As a wedding pro with wedding pro friends, I have tried on a few here and there just for fun. 

Now it’s the real deal!!!!!

This week I started my dress search. First stop, Vow’d in Knoxville.

Vow’d is a part of the Altar’d State brand.

This particular store is located in market square and opened its doors in summer of 2020. 

I had never heard of Vow’d, or knew anyone that had bought their dress from there. I got connected with them through Instagram before I became engaged and loved their vibe so I booked an appointment! And I want to share it with you!


First Impression:

I love personal/intentional little touches. 

They had a sign in front of the storefront welcoming all the brides that had appointments booked that day with their names. That was a great first impression for me and made me excited to walk in.

It set a fun and cheerful mood upon entry. 

The store was stylish, modern and feminine but still warm and welcoming. I loved the atmosphere.


Then I met my stylist, Taylor, and the store manager, Marissa! They were so friendly and welcoming and had a great area set up for me and my friend, Mindy, in the back! Taylor and I discussed my vision and style for my wedding and I confided that I was actually nervous to start this process. 

Taylor was very encouraging and the whole atmosphere felt very body positive! 

I was also open about the fact that I was just getting started with my dress search. I wasn’t there to find THE dress. My main goal was to break the ice, if you will.

This is one of Taylor’s favorites in the store! The Lure Dress.


There is a lot of pressure especially with body image surrounding wedding dresses. Typically the sizing of formal wear is so off for women. We are often forced to size up 1-2 sizes to find a close fit. 

At Vow’d, the size you wear normally is the size you wear in their dresses. FINALLY.

At the shop, they have sizes 4, 10, and 14 to try on in so many different styles! A size 14 fit me near perfect and it was very encouraging to be able to try on a dress that zipped. 

My stylist, Taylor, was also a PRO at clipping the extra fabric. It was very easy to envision what a properly fitted gown would look like on my body. She also was knowledgeable about alterations and even has some great recommendations in the area. 

Vow’d dresses are not made by multiple designers. Their dresses are designed by their people, made by their people, and sold by their people. And the dresses in the store that day didn’t exceed $1,800.

I am linking some of my favorites I tried on!

Dazzling Dress 

Captivated Dress

Ravishing Dress: Obsessed with the color

Final thoughts:

Did I find THE dress? 

I found A dress. There were honestly 2-3 dresses I could really picture saying yes to!

Vow’d’s selection, fit, customer experience, and quality is 5 stars all around.  I can certainly see myself returning in a couple months!

I would 100% recommend making Vow’d a must-stop on your wedding dress search. 

For now the search continues:

I am excited to try on more dresses! I love having options and shopping around! 

And In the words of Ferris Bueller:

“Life (aka wedding planning) moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Aka stop and try on ALL the dresses but definitely make one of those stops, Vow’d:)

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