5 Nail Designs for every Bride’s Big Day!

We try to remember every single little detail when planning our weddings. Especially when it comes to our LOOK. Hair, makeup, and the dress are obvious details we dedicate whole Pinterest boards. But let’s talk about another personal detail that is going to be photographed A LOT: your hands. 

If you know me, my nails are a part of my personality. I look forward to changing up my designs every 2-3 weeks. As my own wedding is fast approaching, I have been thinking of all kinds of creative options for my claws that show off my personality but won’t take away from my rings!

Above are some of my personal favorite nail designs I’ve had! Thanks to my talented nail gal, Destiny at Vibes Nail & Lotion Bar in Johnson City, TN

I have curated some inspiration that I want to share with my fellow brides-to-be!

  1. Solid and Classic 

You can lengthen your nails with acrylics or keep them natural! But definitely use gel polish or dip that will last longer and not chip! Below are some of my favorite O.P.I. bridal shades. Bubble bath has always been one of my favorites!

Add a glitter top coat for some sparkle to either all your nails or just your ring finger.

Power Pony Bride Hallena, photo by Tara Hodges
  1. Ombre

Ombre is a soft way to add some dimension to your wedding day nails!

Add a glitter top coat or jewels for my sparkle.

  1. Something Blue or Colorful

If you want to stick to tradition by including “something blue” in your wedding day look, think about blue nails! Keep it subtle with pale/baby blue or slate (gray/blue) or try a dark navy for your winter wedding.

Incorporate your wedding colors into your nail designs by combing with a sheer ivory or nude color!

I think my favorite idea for adding some color is duplicating your bouquet florals on your nails.

  1. Modern Monogram

This is the cutest way to add your fiancé to your mani!

You could even just do the first initial of your last names. Match the initials to the metal in your jewelry (gold, silver, rose gold).

  1. Minimalist Design Maximum Style

This style speaks to me the most. Take a classic French tip and add a little *spice*

Try minimal designs like sparkles, stars, metallics matching the metals in your jewelry, a reverse French tip, or fine line work.

These beautiful small details will draw attention to your hands without overpowering your rings!

Whatever you choose for your big day, schedule your appointment in advance (do not count on a walk-in appointment for such an important day!) and consider doing a trial run with your nail artist!



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